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Divorced parents and consistent household rules

Divorced Texas parents might struggle to establish consistent rules for their children as the children move between the parents' two households. However, establishing this consistency is important. It provides stability and structure for children at a time of uncertainty and upheaval. Parents should make an effort to sit down together and talk about how they can make their household rules more consistent. Children who are old enough may want to participate in this process as well. Before this meeting, parents might want to think about what points they are willing to compromise on and which ones they can be more flexible about.

There is help for parents who are unable to reach a compromise. Parenting classes might demonstrate to a parent who is reluctant to compromise that a lack of consistency can be harmful for children. These types of classes might also give parents an idea of parenting norms. Family law courts, therapists or attorneys may be able to recommend parenting classes. Another option is mediation. This involves parents working with a neutral person who can help them come to a compromise.

If all else fails, parents can go back to court to resolve a parenting disagreement. However, this takes the power away from the parent and gives it to a judge.

It can be hard for parents to negotiate child custody during a divorce because it is such an emotional topic. Parents may be concerned both about having less time with their children and about how the divorce will affect their children. Child custody may be easier to negotiate if parents keep the best interests of the child in mind. They may also be able to prevent some future coparenting conflicts by creating a parenting agreement that covers household rules.

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