Despite Prenup Mary J Blige Ordered To Pay Support

Texas fans of Mary J. Blige may be aware that she filed for divorce from her husband, Martin Isaacs, in July 2016. The two had a prenuptial agreement that said neither would get spousal support in the event that they ended their marriage.

However, the judge said that Blige should pay Isaacs $30,000 monthly so that he could continue to enjoy the lifestyle the two had while they were married. Isaacs had asked for $129,319 per month in spousal support. Furthermore, Blige was also ordered to make the payments retroactive to the previous September and to pay Isaacs' legal fees.

This meant that her first payment was around $235,000. However, Blige said that she was deeply in debt and also owed taxes. She said that they had lived above their means. Furthermore, according to reports, Isaacs spent over $400,000 traveling with another woman while the two were married.

Since Texas is a community property state, assets acquired during marriage are generally considered the property of both spouses even if only one person has earned them. Furthermore, as this situation demonstrates, a prenuptial agreement does not always offer guaranteed protection. A person who is concerned about paying or receiving alimony might want to discuss the situation with an attorney. A person may not be required to pay spousal support indefinitely. For example, if one spouse has not worked outside the home for a long time, the other spouse might be required to pay support while that person gets an education that will result in a new job. In addition to alimony, a noncustodial parent might be required to pay child support to the custodial parent.

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