Tips for dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse

Texas parents may face a number of challenges after a divorce, but the difficulties of co-parenting can be exacerbated if one of them is a narcissist. This can be harmful to children, but there are steps the other parent can take to mitigate the effects. These parents can show their children unconditional love. They should have written documentation of all child custody agreements. They might want to involve professionals including law enforcement to enforce custody agreements if necessary. As the children grow older, they will usually understand the situation better and that one parent lied to them.

One woman's children suffered from stress-induced illnesses and emotional difficulties after her ex-husband tried to take them away from her by claiming she had abused them. Initially, she did not realize anything was particularly wrong even though her ex-husband sent an email saying the children did not want to visit her because they were afraid of her. She had just filed for the fifth time to get him to pay support, and this behavior was typical for him in such a situation.

However, she then learned that he had informed his attorney, the children's school and child protective services that she was abusive. An investigation found the allegations were baseless, but she was in fear that she might lose any access to her children.

The possibility of a situation like this is one of a number of reasons that parents should make sure to have a legally-binding child custody agreement after a divorce. They might want a temporary agreement during the separation before the divorce is complete as well, and they can discuss these and other matters with their family law attorney.

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