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The importance of temporary orders before your divorce is final

The end of a marriage brings many changes for both parents and children. The actual divorce process can take several months, and it can be even longer for individuals who find themselves in litigation over certain issues. In the interim, temporary orders can protect the interests of you and your children by specifically outlining issues pertaining to custody, visitation and more.

Having a carefully constructed set of temporary orders in place could be crucial to the well-being of your Texas family during this time of transition. The creation or approval of these orders typically occurs at a separation hearing, but you may be able to request or seek approval of a temporary plan before a hearing.

What's included in temporary orders?

In a temporary order hearing, the court will consider most of the important factors that will affect a family during the time leading up to the finalization of a divorce. Some of these issues include:

  • Visitation schedules
  • Spousal support
  • Physical custody and legal custody
  • Right to remain in the family home
  • Insurance concerns
  • Protection of specific assets
  • Right to retain family vehicles

Temporary orders are a requirement in every divorce. The intent of this is to ensure continuity of lifestyle and schedules for any minor children and minimize additional conflict during an already difficult time. These orders can also address specific financial concerns, such as preventing one spouse from running up a significant amount of debt or causing other financial issues during the separation period.

You would be wise to seek guidance and support from the very beginning of the divorce process, even for the separation hearing and establishment of temporary orders. This can ensure the protection of your personal interests through orders that are reasonable, sustainable and suitable for you and your children.

Protect yourself from the very beginning

In light of your objectives for a final divorce order, a set of temporary orders may not seem that important. In reality, they can have a significant impact on your family, and you would be wise to take them seriously. Protecting yourself starts at the very beginning of the divorce process, even if you have not filed any papers.

You may be unsure of where to start or how you can protect your interests during a separation. A good place to start is to simply seek a full understanding of your rights and how the separation and divorce processes work. Being informed can help you pursue your specific goals effectively.

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