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Child support claims can be aided with DNA testing

Texas residents who are involved in a child support dispute may find that a DNA paternity test can help them to firmly establish parentage and resolve an ongoing conflict. Because DNA testing is close to 100 percent accurate, it can clearly determine whether or not a man is the father of the child in question. Even when matters like child support or custody have been heavily disputed, a paternity test can help to lead both parties toward a clear resolution.

When the father and mother of a child are not married at the time of conception or birth, there is no presumed father under law. The mother may name a father on the birth certificate but does not need to unless paternity has been legally determined. While the father of a child can affirm paternity without a DNA test with an official declaration, a paternity test can add extra security to the process. In a situation where paternity is more uncertain, a DNA test can also establish whether or not an alleged father is even an appropriate target in a child support dispute.

A DNA test can help to lay the groundwork for an official order of paternity. Even if it comes as part of an acrimonious process, this confirmation of paternity can actually help to build closer bonds between a father and child. In several high-profile celebrity child support cases that began with paternity tests, the fathers eventually developed deep, close and lasting relationships with their children, their bond affirmed by the clarity of DNA.

Whether a mother is seeking child support from the father of a child or alleged fathers are uncertain about their relationship to their putative offspring, a DNA test can help to provide certainty. A family law attorney can provide advice about the best use of a paternity test in child support or child custody cases as well as the impact of test results on court proceedings.

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