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August 2017 Archives

Ending the rights of a parent

Texas parents are entitled to certain rights with respect to their children and have certain obligations. However, there are situations in which a court will terminate parental rights, effectively ending the legal relationship between the child and the parent. This can occur when a parent commits a certain crime or when a father does not claim paternity. Parents are also able to voluntarily terminate or give up their parental rights.

Child support claims can be aided with DNA testing

Texas residents who are involved in a child support dispute may find that a DNA paternity test can help them to firmly establish parentage and resolve an ongoing conflict. Because DNA testing is close to 100 percent accurate, it can clearly determine whether or not a man is the father of the child in question. Even when matters like child support or custody have been heavily disputed, a paternity test can help to lead both parties toward a clear resolution.

Impact of divorce on federal retirement

Federal employees are likely to have a Thrift Savings Plan, which replaces the common 401(k) used in the private sector. Like other retirement plans, a TSP can be affected by the asset division process of a Texas divorce. It is important for those considering a divorce to understand how the law may impact their money and finances.

The importance of temporary orders before your divorce is final

The end of a marriage brings many changes for both parents and children. The actual divorce process can take several months, and it can be even longer for individuals who find themselves in litigation over certain issues. In the interim, temporary orders can protect the interests of you and your children by specifically outlining issues pertaining to custody, visitation and more.

Women's finances after divorce

When Texas couples divorce, both can expect to experience changes in their financial situation. In some cases, these changes are temporary, although there are some situations in which one or both parties will have to make long-term adjustments to their budgets. Women are often the ones who have to do so.

Are stocks making your property division more complex?

As you go through your divorce proceedings, you may feel most worried about the outcomes of property division. Though certain laws may make some aspects of this process seem simple, you may face more complications if particular assets are involved in your division process. Complex assets such as stock options and restricted stock could make your case a little more difficult to work through than if less complex property were involved.

Protecting a business with a prenuptial agreement

For many Texas residents, owning their own business may be a dream come true, especially if it turns out to be successful. However, if the business was started before a marriage, what was once sole property could become a shared marital asset. To ensure that the person who started the business maintains ownership of it in the event of a divorce, it is recommended that he or she sign a prenuptial agreement.

Closing a joint bank account in a divorce

Texas couples who are getting a divorce must deal with property division in most cases. This may include shutting down joint accounts such as credit cards and shared bank accounts. Regardless of who created the credit card debt, both people will be considered responsible for it by creditors, and this debt will need to be paid off in order to close the account.

Details like car insurance can complicate a divorce

Divorce can be complicated by a variety of details. Texas couples who are ending their marriages are focused on major points of contention like child custody and division of assets and liabilities. Things like car insurance are often overlooked, despite their importance. Generally, there are a few rules that apply to the process of separating car insurance policies. One former spouse, for example, cannot remove the other from the policy without the latter's consent.

Are you guilty of parental gatekeeping?

Wanting the best for their children can sometimes cause parents to act in an overprotective manner. While you may feel that certain circumstances justify such actions, if you overuse certain techniques, you could potentially cause more harm than good in your kids' lives. This type of behavior may need particular attention in cases of child custody.

Using a child support calculator

Divorcing parents in Texas may be concerned about calculating child support. If the couple cannot agree on support terms together, a judge will set the payment amount. To assist parents in planning their finances after divorce, court websites sometimes include child support calculators that can help explain how much a judge may order a parent to pay.