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Judge lifts clause in prominent custody case

Texas residents interested in family law matters might like to know about the heated custody battle involving the Philip Morris USA tobacco heiress and her spouse. Anne Resnik and Crocker Coulson are going through a divorce in Brooklyn, New York, and the couple has 7-year-old twins.

The couple was not going to introduce their children to any significant others while dissolving their marriage, but Coulson changed his mind in April and asked for their "no paramour clause" to be rescinded because his girlfriend is currently pregnant with his future child. He believed meeting her was in the children's best interests as she is the mother of their half-sister, and a judge agreed and lifted the ban on the clause.

Resnik's attorney argued that Coulson and his girlfriend got pregnant deliberately and also claimed that he visited a brothel in late December 2015. The attorney alleged to have surveillance photos with time-stamps showing the man at the brothel, but Coulson said that he only got a deep tissue massage at the Red Hook Spa. The judge called this claim an irrelevant "red-herring allegation."

Earlier, Coulson was also accused of bugging Resnik's iPhone because he thought she may be cheating and wanted to keep tabs on her. Bank records showed that Coulson did buy spyware programs, but he invoked the Fifth Amendment 58 times during a deposition about this matter.

It is normal for parents to want to protect their children in their own way, but each party must put differences aside when figuring out child custody matters. With exceptions when a child may be unsafe with a parent, judges typically believe both parents should be in a child's life. A parent who shows a willingness to work with the other parent and put a child's needs before his or her own has a better chance to receive joint or primary custody.

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