Wiz Khalifa settles divorce case with Amber Rose

Texas residents who are fans of hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa may be interested in learning that the star and his ex-wife, the actress, model and fashion designer Amber Rose, reached a divorce settlement agreement. Sources indicate that the star's split from his wife, Amber Rose, appears to be an amicable one.

Reportedly, Khalifa and Rose celebrated their divorce settlement by going out together to a strip club after filing it in court. Under the agreement, Khalifa will pay Rose $1 million of which he has already paid $356,000. He will also pay her $14,800 per month in child support for their son. The couple agreed to share physical and legal custody of their child as well.

Khalifa will get to keep several of his classic cars and a home in Pennsylvania. The divorce settlement apparently followed the terms of the prenuptial agreement the couple had in place. Khalifa is currently in the process of trying to get out of a deal with his old label. He will be paying $177,600 per year in child support, which is quite a large amount of money when dealing with the support of a child who is currently only 3 years old.

A prenuptial agreement can help couples to reach divorce settlements in a smooth fashion. While such agreements may not include provisions regarding child custody or child support, it is still possible for people to subsequently reach agreements between themselves regarding those and other issues outside of the courtroom with the assistance of their respective family law attorneys.

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