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January 2016 Archives

Woman seeking $600,000 yearly in child support from Tomlinson

Texas One Direction fans may be aware that Louis Tomlinson and the mother of his newborn son are reportedly working out their living circumstances. Sources have stated that the parents, who are not a couple, have already negotiated where the mother and child will live. The next step is to decide how much child support Tomlinson will pay.

Texas fathers and child support

Some single fathers in Texas are the primary caregiver for their child and may wonder if they should request that the child's mother pay them child support. In situations in which a mother earns more than the father, fathers should be able to seek child support just like similarly-situated mothers.

NFL player pays child support to 7 moms

Football fans in Texas might be interested to learn about New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie's child support issues. A report by the New York Post has revealed how the NFL player racked up a $500,000 back child support debt. According to the report, Cromartie is the father of 10 children and has twins on the way.

Asset protection strategies for divorce

Texas law can play an important role in issues such as alimony during a divorce. In fact, jurisdiction is just one of the factors affecting a Texas couple's financial outcome after divorcing. It is important to have a good understanding of family finances prior to beginning the process. It is also critical to understand the values of various assets as they relate to taxes and other potential obligations.

Sherri Shepherd goes to great lengths to avoid child support

In their divorce, Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally are fighting over child support, but Shepherd says the child is not hers. As most Texas spouses know, the parent without custody generally pays child support. These cases are often hard on everyone involved, but they become especially difficult when the parent who is expected to pay child support does not claim the child.

Avoiding tax complications in divorce settlements

When Texans are going through divorces, they often focus on such big issues as child custody, spousal support and child support matters. While they are trying to negotiate an agreement regarding the property division in their cases, they may want to explore the potential tax complications that may arise after their divorces are final.

Purported father seeking custody of Bristol Palin's baby

Texans might find it interesting that Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer is seeking joint legal custody of Bristol Palin's second child, a daughter born on Dec. 23. Meyer was previously engaged to Palin, who is the daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and believes he is the baby's biological father. Palin has not publicly identified the father of the child.

What Kinds of Jobs Tend to Require Creative Parenting Plans in Texas?

Balancing work and family life is an ongoing challenge for many Texas parents, especially for those who work in particularly intensive professions. If your schedule doesn't consist of the typical nine-to-five workday followed by dinner and a kiss goodnight for the kids, then you may have to find creative ways to be the best parent you can be.

Key Considerations When Dividing Real Estate in a Texas Divorce

For people who own real estate such as a vacation home, divorce can be particularly complicated. In Texas, community property consists of assets and debts acquired during the course of the marriage. If real estate was purchased in that time, or if the property was acquired before the marriage date but the value increased while the couple was married, then the value of property may be subject to division.

Prenuptial agreements for farming families

Some people in Texas may think of prenuptial agreements as something that only the very wealthy need, but increasingly, some lawyers are urging farming families to consider them. Without a prenuptial agreement, if a person who has inherited part of a family farm gets a divorce, their spouse may have the right to half of that person's share.

Parenting time during the holiday season

Although the holidays can be the highlight of the year for many Texas families, those who have been through a divorce or who are facing one may undergo obstacles as they try to make the holiday season a cheerful time for their children. Both during and after a divorce, there tends to be competition for holiday time as both parties desire to be with their children. It is important to approach an unsettled visitation situation with a willingness to negotiate so that the children's needs are given priority.