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Tips on how to financially plan for healthy marriage

With the divorce rate between 40 and 50 percent in the United States, Texas couples often wonder what they can do to prevent their marriage ending in divorce. While there are many reasons why couples go their separate ways, one of the major stressors in marriage can be the couple's finances. There are ways that couples can work toward counteracting the negative effects that finances might have on their marriage.

Even before marriage, couples should be honest with each other about their financial situation. Keeping secrets about debts and spending habits that will show up after the wedding often lead to disagreements that can end a marriage. For some couples, choosing a prenup can be a good way to protect themselves during marriage and, if necessary, after high-asset divorce. It can also be a way, however, for couples to be completely honest and open about their financial situations.

Another way that couples can work toward a healthy, stable financial life is by discussing and setting up a system that works for both. For many couples, having joint accounts is a good way to work together toward their financial future, even if it can also result in some disagreements. There are couples, however, who prefer to keep their accounts separate and divide the financial responsibilities. Whichever way works for the couple, the important thing is to plan ahead and come to an agreement about how finances will be managed. This should also include setting clear financial goals as well as planning for any future occurrences.

Being open and honest about finances might help couples in their relationship, but some couples still have differences that cannot be resolved. In that case, divorce might be an option. In such cases, a person may want to contact a lawyer with family law experience to guide and assist them through the process.

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