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December 2017 Archives

Impact of tax overhaul on alimony

Texas couples who are divorcing or considering divorce might be concerned about the way the tax overhaul will impact alimony payments. As the effective date of the changes affecting alimony has been pushed back to the beginning of 2019, the pressure has been eased for some. However, couples that begin the divorce process or sign separation agreements in 2019 will be affected.

Cryptocurrency presents a new wrinkle in asset division

Divorce can be a complicated matter for people in Texas and across the United States. For people with significant assets to split, there may be little financial desperation; however, in a high-asset divorce, both parties are highly invested in protecting their wealth and emerging from the divorce with everything intact. One emerging aspect for property division in a divorce has been the rise of bitcoin.

Tips for dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse

Texas parents may face a number of challenges after a divorce, but the difficulties of co-parenting can be exacerbated if one of them is a narcissist. This can be harmful to children, but there are steps the other parent can take to mitigate the effects. These parents can show their children unconditional love. They should have written documentation of all child custody agreements. They might want to involve professionals including law enforcement to enforce custody agreements if necessary. As the children grow older, they will usually understand the situation better and that one parent lied to them.

Divorce is not so simple when your assets are complex

There's really no way to predict which Texas marriages will last and which will end in divorce. Throughout the nation, the overall divorce rate is reportedly decreasing except for people who are age 50 and older. No matter which age group you belong to, if you're heading to divorce court, you may want to research state property division laws ahead of time to avoid negative surprises down the line. This especially holds true if your divorce involves high-value assets.

Should courts favor 50/50 custody?

In Texas, access to children is often at issue in divorce cases. Some fathers have argued that the courts should grant 50/50 custody unless doing so would not be in the best interests of the children. However, the courts still grant possession to the mothers in most cases.

Protect personal credit after a divorce

The family home is often the largest marital asset, especially for younger couples. If they decide to divorce, Texas spouses have to decide what to do with the house. There are advantages and disadvantages of each option, so it's important to carefully consider them and speak with an attorney or financial professional prior to entering into a settlement agreement. Some of the paths available include one spouse continuing to live in the house or selling the property to divide the profits between both spouses.

3 common reasons for divorce

When you decided to tie the knot, you and your partner likely believed that your relationship would last forever. Now that the marriage is coming to an end, you may wonder how you could have ever expected to stay with the same person for the rest of your life. This thought likely crosses the minds of many people in this predicament, even if the reasons for divorce vary wildly.

Tips for effective coparenting

Co-parenting may be a reality for several years for Texas parents who get a divorce. While it can be challenging due to the upheaval and the emotions involved, there are a number of things parents can do to make co-parenting less difficult for themselves and their children.

Disentangling assets can be challenging for older divorcees

Divorce can pose a unique set of concerns for spouses near retirement age in Texas. Since retirement can be associated with a reduction in income, even those with extensive savings may have particular challenges during a divorce. This is a major problem for many seniors as the divorce rate for couples over 50 has escalated continually since 1987. Indeed, one out of every four couples makes the decision to divorce after the age of 50.