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Tyrese may handle his custody case without legal counsel

Entertainment news sources report that Tyrese's lawyer has filed for a substitution of attorney in connection with the artist's continuing custody battle with his ex-wife, and fans in Texas and other states may want to know more. Sources suggest that Tyrese will likely represent himself in the custody case unless he retains another lawyer before his next scheduled court date. He was expected to return to court for a hearing on Nov. 14.

Claiming child abuse, the man's wife had filed for a permanent restraining order against her ex-spouse, saying that he beat their 10-year-old daughter. The case was dropped following an investigation. However, some of Tyrese's followers raised concerns regarding the star's mental health following a number of posts that he made online while the matter was pending.

Using photos and videos, Tyrese reportedly took to an online platform where he talked about being unable to see his daughter and presented his financial situation to the public. Later, he used the same platform to apologize to fans for the erratic behavior, attributing the episodes to his medication. Following Tyrese's posts, at least one commentator has suggested that the star would do well to avoid social media while he is handling his legal affairs.

Residents of Texas who find themselves involved in similar child custody matters may find it beneficial to seek legal representation. Dependent upon the circumstances surrounding each unique situation, the attorney could handle all aspects of the custody case and speak on behalf of the client. While protecting the client's rights, the attorney could also work with that parent to achieve a harmonious parenting arrangement that could ultimately preserve the relationship between parent and child.

Source: Rolling Out, "Tyrese will reportedly act as his own attorney in his child custody hearing," A.R. Shaw, 11/13/2017

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