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Felon who went viral is in trouble with divorce case

For many single parents in Texas, raising a child goes along with worrying about everyday expenses and other financial financial needs. Child support disputes are often stressful and unpleasant affairs, but they are necessary when making legal determinations about the best interests of the child. Celebrity parents are not exempt from child support obligations and disputes; this much is made clear with a case involving a male model who rose to fame after his mugshot went viral on social media.

The man was a member of a California street gang that is known to deal in drug trafficking and car theft. He was arrested on a weapons violation and sentenced to serve two years in federal prison. He was able to take advantage of the sensation caused by his mugshot, which earned him the nickname of "hot felon;" he secured a modeling contract upon early release from custody and started living a jet-setting life.

The felon is currently the subject of a child custody and support complaint filed by his estranged wife, who claims that he left her for a young heiress of a top fashion brand. The former convict filed for legal separation in October 2017; his wife now would like to get sole custody of their seven-year old son, whom she claims only gets visits from his father a couple of days a month.

In the Lone Star State, the man would be subject to section §154.001 of the Texas Family Code, which determines child support payments and other financial needs that are in the best interests of the child. His wife claims that her husband drives an expensive sports car and lives a lavish life enabled by his newfound modeling career. Texas family courts require full disclosure of income and other finances to ascertain child support payment amounts before an order is issued.

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