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Charges could jeopardize Chris Brown's custody case

Texas fans of singer Chris Brown who have been following his custody battle with ex-partner Nia Guzman may be interested in knowing more about a chain of events that could possibly jeopardize his case. On Aug. 31, media sources reported that Chris Brown may be in danger of losing custody of his young daughter following what has been termed a "bizarre" standoff with police and subsequent arrest on felony assault charges. Earlier in August, Brown had been successful in opposing certain custody motions filed by the girl's mother.

The incident began on Aug. 30 at approximately 3 a.m. at the celebrity's Los Angeles home when a woman who had been inside the residence called police for help. Brown initially declined to be questioned by officials, but later that day, authorities were able to enter the home after obtaining a warrant.

The incident has led to conjecture in the press concerning possible ramifications that could affect Brown's custody suit. One family law attorney suggested that the headlines surrounding the charges alone could provide grounds for the court to temporarily adjust custody arrangements in favor of the minor child's mother pending a psychiatric evaluation. Further comments suggested that if Brown is found to be unstable, the presence of guns in the household could seriously limit his visitation and custody for some time moving forward.

Parents who are in a child custody dispute, especially those who are in the public eye, would probably be best advised to keep a low profile until the issues have been resolved. Family law attorneys will likely suggest to their clients that engaging in this type of behavior could jeopardize their parental rights.

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