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Do I need a divorce lawyer if I get along with my spouse?

This is a question that our firm gets a lot, which is a good thing. Divorce is easier on everyone involved when the parties can work together and respect each other. However, it's still important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer in order to protect your rights and future.

Uncontested divorce refers to a divorce in which the parties are able to reach an agreement on all issues by themselves. That means they don't need a judge or a mediator to help decide contested issues such as how property should be divided or how parenting time should be allocated.

But if a couple going through an uncontested divorce tries to complete the entire process themselves without consulting a lawyer they often run into to serious problems that could arise immediately or years down the road. Examples include:

  • creating a divorce decree that is not accepted by the court
  • leaving out issues that will need to be addressed later
  • failing to understand post-divorce issues such as the division of retirement accounts
  • reaching an unfair settlement
  • allowing one party to be tricked or taken advantage of

As you can see, there are many legal pitfalls that trip up do-it-yourself divorcers. By working with an experienced attorney, you can make sure that you are fully aware of your rights, your options and the steps necessary to reach a sustainable outcome for both parties.

Because your divorce is uncontested, you will still save plenty of money compared to contested divorce cases. In fact, you could end up saving more money than if you would have gone the DIY route because you will avoid expensive post-divorce problems.

If you are your spouse get along, or are at least willing to work together to achieve an amicable divorce, the settlement process doesn't have to be long, expensive or draining. Getting an attorney's help with an uncontested divorce can help you move forward to your new life with confidence.

Keep reading to learn more about the uncontested divorce process in the state of Texas.

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