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Spouse of Tori Spelling behind on alimony payments

Divorce and remarriage can wreak havoc on the budget of a Texas resident. Even those who live in affluence at the time of divorce can eventually encounter difficulties in managing their finances. A lack of work, a personal crisis or starting a new family can each be a factor that might cause an individual to fall behind on alimony or child support payments. Actress Tori Spelling and her husband are facing such challenges in connection with his former marriage.

Dean McDermott is reportedly in arrears by an estimated $45,000. His former wife has indicated that she has not received alimony or child support payments since February 2015. Meanwhile, Spelling and McDermott have experienced several crises, including his reported unfaithfulness along with drug and alcohol issues. The situation was the basis for a reality show documenting the couple's efforts to repair their marriage. However, this may not have helped much with their financial challenges.

Reports note that the couple has attempted to raise funds through garage sale efforts and by downsizing their home. In fact, the couple has moved into smaller homes several times in the last two years. Meanwhile, McDermott's back support continues to multiply. Reports do not indicate whether his support obligations are formal or informal. If there is an informal support agreement, it may not be enforceable. However, arrears on formal support orders can become serious as wages are garnished and other assets seized in some cases.

A support-owing ex-spouse with a formal order in place may want to contact a family law attorney for advice about how to deal with falling behind. If there has been a major financial change, it might be possible to have a judge modify the support order. A parent who has additional children to support might be able to obtain a modification even if there isn't a major loss of income.

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