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Custody battles and the best interest of the child

Texas parents who are getting divorced and have young children might not be aware of how their offspring are affected by being involved in a custody battle. Though parents want to do what is best for their children, and they might think fighting it out in court is the way they can show that, the way custody battles affect children tells a different story.

A recent article addressed the effects a custody battle can have on children, such as their perception that parents often care more about their arguing than about the children themselves. Some of the points raised in the article included that parents who are negotiating child custody often think that they can shield their children from custody battles and the erroneous belief that children in general are resilient and can deal with the divorce. A question that was also raised was about the idea of fairness and what this means to each person involved in a custody dispute.

Additionally, there is concern about why parents choose to have a custody battle instead of negotiating peacefully. Often, parents become embroiled in custody disputes due to their emotions and not to facts. As a result parents seek out sole custody, believing that it is in the best interest of the child. In the process, parents complicate the matter even further, extending the time it takes to resolve it and spending a lot more money than necessary.

If a couple is set on divorcing, a shared parenting plan might be the best option for families. A family law attorney can often be of assistance when representing a divorcing parent by helping to negotiate such a plan and then presenting it to the court for its approval.

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