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Busy Work Schedules Complicate Child Custody, But There Are Solutions

When it comes to standard possession orders and child custody, the Texas Family Code is very specific. For example, consider what the Family Code says about weekend visits:

  • If the parent who is not the primary caregiver lives less than 100 miles from the child's primary residence, then that parent will have custody of the child from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Sunday on the first, third, and fifth weekends of each month during the school year.

Similar specifications and requirements apply to vacations and holidays, and the custody plan may differ significantly if the parents live more than 100 miles apart. Given today's 24-hour business cycle, parenting plans can become even more complicated if one or both parents travel frequently for work. 

Parents with busy and unpredictable work schedules nonetheless have a right to be active in their children's lives.

If you travel for your job or your work schedule is unpredictable, then in order to fully exercise your possession and visitation rights, you may need a creative, solution-based parenting plan that is not immediately obvious to you or your co-parent.

In other words, when parents who are also professionals disagree on child custody issues, the solution typically requires an agreed-upon balance of job concerns and family priorities. This balance can be difficult to strike, especially when the co-parents already have a contentious relationship.

Not able to agree on a parenting plan? An experienced family law attorney can help.

At the Law Office of Mark M. Childress, we negotiate workable child custody arrangements for parents whose jobs require frequent travel or whose employment hours are unpredictable, such as with police officers, firefighters and military members. In cases where the parents are unable to reach an agreement, attorney Mark Childress is prepared to litigate.

Learn more about our areas of family law practice by visiting our overview of possession and visitation for parents who travel. 

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