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Public opinions on child support

In many cases, the opinions of Texas residents on certain aspects of child support may differ significantly from what the law actually provides. A recent study conducted in the United States and England showed overwhelming similarities. Most of the people who were surveyed believed that current child support laws were unfair in one way or another and that the way child support payments are calculated should be changed.

The most significant way the study respondents differed from the law is that they believed support payments should be raised or lowered according to the custodial parent's income. In some states, support payments are calculated solely on the basis of the noncustodial parent's income. Each state uses its own formula to determine support payments.

The study focused on asking respondents how they would change the current child support system to get a better idea of their actual opinions. Respondents were in favor of adjusting support payments based on income changes of the parent who does not have custody. In hypothetical scenarios, respondents were likely to adjust payments much more significantly than the courts if the noncustodial parent lost income. A replication of the study in England found very similar responses to those of the Americans who were surveyed.

Parents who are unhappy with their current child support arrangement may benefit from contacting a family law attorney for assistance. Legal counsel may be able to help with petitioning the court for a modification of a child support order that has become unrealistic due to the circumstances of one or both parents. Child support modifications may sometimes be granted after it has been shown that the noncustodial parent has suffered an adverse financial change, such as one caused by an unexpected job loss.

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