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Billionaire divorce filings reveal lavish child support requests

The $1 million a month in child support expenses claimed by the wife of billionaire Ken Griffin, a well-known hedge fund manager, may seem extraordinary to many Texas readers. Divorce filings from Griffin responding to her financial requests claim that she is using the money to fulfill the needs of their three young children.

Griffin's wife is also trying to nullify their prenuptial agreement as she maintains that he is not sufficiently supporting their children. According to court filings, she has attributed $2,000 a month for stationery, over $7,000 a month for restaurants, $60,000 worth of office space and employees, and $300,000 monthly for private jets to expenses related to the care of the children.

The wife's lawyers maintain that her children are entitled to the lifestyle they had become accustomed to during their parents' marriage. Griffin, however, insists in his divorce filings that he is paying for everything for his children. His current payments cover a private chef, a personal assistant and a household staff. His wife's request for $450,000 to pay for a vacation proved to be too much for Griffin, who chose instead to give her $45,000 for a vacation.

This high-profile divorce illustrates how spouses may contest many issues when ending their marriage. The division of property, child custody, and child support are frequent sources of dispute before an agreement is reached. A person who feels that child support claims are unreasonable may choose to turn to an attorney for legal help. An attorney might be able to advocate for the client's financial needs and achieve a more equitable result through negotiation or in court.

Source: NBC News, "$450,000 for a Vacation? Inside a Billionaire's Divorce," Robert Frank, Feb. 23, 2015

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