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Property DivisionIf you have no children, property division may be the single most important issue in your divorce. When people work throughout the course of their marriage to earn a living and acquire property, it is understandable that the idea of losing assets or taking a step back can be troubling.

How can you protect your property and ensure that your quality of life does not suffer after your divorce? A knowledgeable Fort Worth property division lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC can walk you through all your options and prepare you for what lies ahead.

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What Does Community Property Mean for You?

Texas is a community property state, this means that most assets and debts acquired by a married couple is considered to belong to both parties. It is easy to fall into the false assumption that you can count on receiving exactly 50% of the real property and financial assets. While an ideal, textbook situation would result in a fair and equitable division as that is the standard, there are times when a court will rule in favor of deviating from that standard.

For instance, if one spouse has a higher income than the other, the lower income party may receive a higher percentage of the assets. Or, if one party ends up paying child support to the other, the paying party may receive more marital assets.

At the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC, we focus on understanding the unique needs and goals of our clients so that we can pursue an outcome that best fits their situation. Your goals will be our goals as we advocate for your rights.

We can assist you with:

  • Retirement considerations
  • Division of debt
  • Protecting your assets

Whether you have complex business assets or own a professional practice, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome. Where necessary, we work with experts such as financial planners, accountants, and tax specialists to maximize the property our clients receive.

Debt Division

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news during the past few years can tell you that economic conditions have been tough for many people. With that in mind, it is important to realize that the equitable division of marital debt is just as important as the equitable division of marital property in a divorce.

Our divorce lawyers will focus on making sure that all issues related to the debt in your marriage — such as credit card debt, medical debt, housing debt, and personal loan debt — are properly accounted for.

Asset Protection

Business people, professionals, and individuals with complex assets have a lot to lose in a divorce. Working with a knowledgeable Fort Worth property division lawyer who understands your portfolio can provide you with peace of mind and be a critical factor in protecting everything you have worked so hard for.

At the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC, we believe the best way to protect your assets in a divorce is to have a comprehensive plan. We will closely work with you to understand your goals and take action to maximize your share of the marital estate.

Many considerations need to be made when dividing a complex marital estate, especially those involving assets such as:

  • Professional practices
  • Retirement plans
  • Investment properties
  • Vacation homes
  • Commercial property

Failing to properly address these assets in the course of a divorce can result in an unequal division of property or cause future issues due to the tax consequences of the property settlement.

Retirement Considerations

One of the primary reasons people spend their lives working is to ensure a comfortable retirement. This is often a shared goal between spouses as they work to build a high quality of life together. But what happens to those retirement dreams when a couple decides to divorce? If divorce is on the horizon, it is crucial to speak to a knowledgeable family law attorney about your situation.

At the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC, we assist men and women in Fort Worth and surrounding Texas communities who wish to preserve their dream of retirement. We combine tremendous knowledge and resources with a unique brand of attentive service that truly sets us apart. Our team will not rest until we achieve a result that maximizes your post-divorce retirement assets.

From working with financial experts to make sure your retirement assets are properly valued to finding creative solutions that reflect your unique goals, we will go the extra mile to make sure you enter the post-divorce phase of your life with confidence.

Our lawyers have experience resolving issues involving a wide variety of retirement assets, including:

  • 401(k) accounts
  • IRAs
  • Pensions

Whether you have been the sole contributor to these accounts, or you are a spouse who has worked in the home and want to make sure your marital contribution is recognized, we are the firm for you. Our scope of service extends to Tarrant County, Wise County, Johnson County, & Parker County.

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  • Mark M. Childress Mark M. Childress

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  • Desiree A. Hartwigsen Desiree A. Hartwigsen

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    Desiree A. Hartwigsen grew up in Stephenville, Texas where she graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. During her time at Tarleton, Desiree studied abroad in London, England at Queen Mary’s University where she studied Comparative Criminal Justice.
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    Elizabeth C. Barr is a Dallas/Fort Worth native. She attended college at the University of North Texas where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Elizabeth’s eagerness to learn lead her to law school at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law where she obtained her Juris Doctorate Degree. While in law school Elizabeth knew she wanted to practice family law.
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    Amie began working in family law as a receptionist in a small private practice where she was tasked with answering the telephone, corresponding with clients and court staff and handling a multitude of other administrative duties. Amie’s ability to multitask and her attention to detail lead her to be tasked with handling an overflow of paralegal work.
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