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Couple signing adoption papersAdoption is a wonderful way to expand or create a family. At the Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, PLLC, our Fort Worth adoption lawyers help prospective adoptive parents throughout Texas achieve their goals and navigate the difficult process to a successful resolution.

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Types of Adoption in Texas

Closed vs. Open Adoption

You may get the opportunity to choose between a closed and an open adoption.

In an open adoption, the adoptee's biological parent remains in contact with them (and you) post-adoption. Alternatively, in a closed adoption, the adoptee's parent has no contact with them (or you) once the adoption is finalized.

Both closed and open adoption have pros and cons. While many adoptive parents balk at the idea of their adopted child's parents, maintaining contact, open adoption does have benefits. When your child is old enough to learn they're adopted, they may want to seek out their biological parents. An open adoption makes this easier, and can also help your child learn more about their culture if they're of a different ethnicity or culture.

1. Domestic Foster Care Adoption

Domestic foster care adoption is one of the more popular ways to adopt a child in the US. If you adopt from a foster care facility, you'll work with adoption professionals from your state throughout the adoption process. They'll ask you to provide them with information, complete background checks and parenting classes, and visit your home to ensure it's adoption-read before allowing you to move forward with your adoption.

Domestic foster care adoption may be right for you if:

  • You want to adopt an older child;
  • You can handle parenting a child who may have trauma;
  • You want to work with foster care professionals throughout the adoption;
  • You want to adopt for a lower cost.

2. Domestic Private Agency Adoption

In a private agency adoption, you work with a private adoption agency to adopt a child. Most private agencies use the same procedures as state official for the adoption process, requiring parents to pass a background check, attend parenting classes, and complete a home study before proceeding with the adoption.

Private agency adoption may be right for you if:

  • You want to adopt a baby;
  • You want to have more agency in the adoption process;
  • You don't care as much about working with foster care professionals;
  • Cost isn't a barrier for you.

3. International Adoption

The final type of adoption we're covering today is international adoption. In international adoption, you work with professionals at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) to adopt a child from another country.

International adoption may be right for you if:

  • Cost isn't a barrier (international adoption often requires flying to and from different countries multiple times and can be quite expensive);
  • You want to adopt a child from a different culture;
  • You don't mind waiting to adopt (international adoption often takes significantly more time than the other options).

If you're considering adopting, you should speak with a reputable Fort Worth adoption lawyer to explore the different types of adoption further and settle on whatever option is best for your family.

4. Stepparent Adoptions

One of the most common types of adoptions we handle is stepparent adoption. While it is wonderful when a stepparent wants to adopt and raise a stepchild as his or her own, there are important legal issues that must be handled properly by a knowledgeable attorney.

The first issue to address in a stepparent adoption is the termination of the biological parent’s rights. This is a very complex issue and for good reason, as the termination of parental rights is irrevocable. Our Fort Worth adoption attorneys focus on making sure that parents and children understand the implications of adoption so that a positive solution can be reached efficiently.

Termination of Parental Rights in Texas

For any adoption to occur, the biological parents must agree to relinquish their parental rights. In certain circumstances, parental rights can be terminated without the parent’s express consent.

The voluntary termination of parental rights is most often seen in situations where a parent who is not involved in his child's life relinquishes his parental rights to clear the path for a stepparent adoption. However, in many instances, the parent has been out of the picture for so long that an attempt must be made to locate him and provide notice of the adoptive parent’s wish to terminate his rights. Once all attempts to make contact with the parent have failed, the termination process can legally begin. Another reason that a parent may decide to terminate parental rights is to excuse themselves from the obligations of having to pay child support.

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