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How fathers can overcome bias when seeking child custody

Fathers who are seeking possession and access of their children may fear discrimination or bias when in the courtroom. Traditionally, fathers are viewed as the providers and mothers are viewed as the caretakers. There are several things fathers should keep in mind when seeking possession and access of their children in Texas.

In addition to the traditional view of fathers being looked at as providers and mothers as caretakers, there are other biases that men have had to be concerned about when looking to spend time with their children or get possession of them. Reasons that have been given in court that support these biases include that fathers do not have time for their children, they are not as loving or nurturing as women, or that they are not knowledgeable enough about child-rearing.

When it comes to access and possession, the best interests of the child are what should be of primary concern. Instead of focusing on tradition or allowing biased opinions, the courts should be focused on each parent's relationship and communication with the child, their ability to support the child financially and the needs of the child.

Fathers who are seeking possession or access of their children should prepare themselves as much as they can before their date in court. They should see that the unfortunate reality is that discrimination has led to mothers being favored. However, their case can be prepared in a way that shows how capable they are of caring for their children.

A father could turn to an attorney to help him prepare his case. An attorney might be able to present proof that a father has an established relationship with the child and that he is fit as a parent. The lawyer could provide practical assistance by answering questions about child custody and other matters that often arise after a divorce.

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