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Britney Spears seeks greater access to her kids

Texas residents may have been following the child custody case involving Britney Spears and her former spouse Kevin Federline. When the pair split, they originally shared custody of their two children equally. However, Federline currently has 70% custody of the children while Spears has attempted to resolve persistent mental health issues. Spears has said that she is planning on going back to court in 2020 in an effort to obtain greater rights to her children.

There are several factors that could come into play when and if a judge rules on the matter. First, if Federline has done a good job in his role of primary custodial parent, it may not be in the children's best interest to make a change. Second, the kids themselves may have some say in the matter as both are teenagers. It is common for courts to seek input from older children assuming that they are considered mature enough to provide such input.

Finally, a judge will need to be convinced that Spears has the mental capacity to provide a safe and stable environment for her children. Her father has been her conservator for the past decade, and it is unlikely that she can regain full custody of her kids until that changes. However, there is generally no way to predict how a judge would likely rule.

The best interests of the child are usually the top priority in a child custody case. Therefore, a parent may be granted additional custody or visitation rights even if the other parent objects. Individuals may be able to obtain additional rights to their kids by showing that they have addressed substance abuse, mental health or other problems that have occurred in the past.

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