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Ways to make co-parenting with a difficult ex a success

Co-parenting with a toxic ex-spouse can bring a huge amount of drama, such as accusations, manipulation and the constant pushing of limits. Texas residents may be interested in learning a few ways that they can maintain their focus, which is parenting their children, despite dealing with a narcissist or difficult ex-spouse.

No good will come from focusing on things that a person cannot change. While a person may feel that their ex-spouse has a lot to work on, they should not focus on these things. It is much better to control the way they respond to their ex-spouse and the things that are going on in their own life. This will help them to maintain their sanity and stay committed to great parenting, even when an ex pushes their buttons.

It is good to think ahead about the dynamics of the relationship and how necessary communication can easily turn into accusations, threats and hashing out old problems from the marriage. There are usually recognizable patterns, fears that get triggered and specific topics that should be avoided.

Many co-parents have found that parenting with a difficult ex is much easier when they use a parenting portal, text messages or email to communicate. In addition to the fact that all communication will be documented in case it is needed in a legal situation in the future, it helps to eliminate a variety of problems that could come from face-to-face communication.

Setting limits on when communication can take place is also helpful. Of course, parents need to be on hand to respond to emergencies concerning the children. However, they are not on call for their ex-spouse. Instead of reacting to something that an ex-spouse says, it is better to carefully think out a calm response.

When a difficult ex-spouse constantly crosses boundaries, barges through agreements or misses support payments, a court order may be filed. Some parents have turned to a lawyer in these situations. The lawyer may be able to provide information about child custody, visitation rights and other matters related to post-divorce parenting.

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