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The role played by divorce financial specialists

The decisions made during a divorce in Texas and around the country often have profound consequences. When the assets involved are complex and their division could have far-reaching financial ramifications, it may be wise for divorcing spouses to seek the advice of professionals with experience in this area. Consulting a certified divorce financial analyst may be a particularly prudent step to take for a spouse who did not play an active role when business and investment decisions were made and could otherwise be at a disadvantage during property division negotiations.

While accountants and investment advisers can provide information about tax issues or the current value of stock portfolios, divorce financial analysts receive training that deals specifically with divorce negotiations and settlement options. This kind of advice can prevent costly mistakes when assets such as business interests and private equity holdings must be divided. Consulting a professional can also help to ensure that potentially emotional decisions are made pragmatically.

When property division talks are unsuccessful and high asset divorce cases end up in litigation, the specialists may provide expert testimony about matters such as the value of business holdings, the findings of forensic accountants and the tax implications of dividing certain assets. Once the divorce has been finalized, financial specialists could help spouses by monitoring the division of the marital estate.

Traditional property division negotiations can be adversarial in some cases, and reaching an amicable settlement is sometimes difficult when the assets involved are valuable and have taken a lifetime to accumulate. However, taking these matters to court exposes private matters to public scrutiny and provides no guarantee of a successful outcome. To avoid a costly and public court battle, experienced family law attorneys may suggest alternative approaches such as collaborative divorce and mediation. Alternative dispute resolution methods could be especially valuable in states like Texas with strict community property laws.


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