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Ex-wife seeking child support funds from former NFL star

The ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Strahan is demanding that he pay over $500,000 to her to account for back child support and cover their children's horseback lessons. The details of the case might be informative to couples and individuals in Texas. The former couple's twin daughters are accomplished horseback riders, and they are enrolled in some pricey lessons. Strahan's ex-wife claims to have paid $450,802 for the lessons since 2017, and she is demanding half of that figure be reimbursed by Strahan.

She is also demanding payment of back child support in the amount of $321,654. The couple was married in 1999 and finalized their divorce in 2006. Under the initial child support agreement, Strahan was required to pay $18,000 per month in support. That order was modified in 2009, lowering the monthly payment amount to $13,000. His ex-wife is now seeking another support modification based on Strahan's increased income from television appearances on Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday. She wants the monthly payment increased to $18,378.

As for the horseback lessons, Strahan's ex-wife claims the parties agreed to split the expenses of the lessons and that Strahan failed to pay. If they did have such an agreement in place, Strahan may be found to owe the money for the lessons. In many cases, it is possible to seek modification of a child support order if a party's financial circumstances have changed significantly.

Individuals in Texas who have questions about divorce or child support might want to meet with a lawyer. A lawyer who handles divorce cases may answer questions about child support orders, including the circumstances under which a court might grant a modification. A lawyer may also be able to help the client negotiate the terms of property division during divorce or draft and file a petition to begin divorce proceedings.

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