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October 2019 Archives

How a person can check if they owe child support

Many Texas residents have experienced the joy that comes with parenthood. They also understand that there are a variety of things that can separate families. An individual who has a child but has not been in contact with the child may be interested in finding out if they owe child support.

A few factors judges look at when granting alimony

Couples in Texas who are going through the divorce process are often concerned about the way divorce will affect their finances and standard of living. One question that often arises has to do with if an ex-wife will qualify for alimony. While judges will look at a variety of factors, there are some general guidelines that determine if they will award alimony to an ex-wife.

Placing a value on pensions in a high asset divorce

Placing a value on marital property in a high asset divorce can be a difficult process, and property division negotiations may become particularly contentious in states like Texas that have community property laws. Experts are often called in to determine how much rare artwork is worth or what classic automobiles would sell for, but placing a current value on retirement accounts can be even more challenging. Pensions are paid for life, which means their value is dependent on how long the person receiving benefits will live and how much the benefits they receive years or decades from now would be worth today.

Why alimony is awarded in a divorce

When people in Texas decide to divorce, the process can uncover significant financial differences between the two spouses. This is especially true when one person has dedicated time to leaving the workplace and caring for the children or has moved from one place to another to support his or her spouse's career. When one spouse will suffer financially due to the separation, the court may order spousal support for a period of time after the divorce. Alimony can be temporary in some cases while in others, it may be permanent. This difference is often based on the marriage's length.

Ex-wife seeking child support funds from former NFL star

The ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Strahan is demanding that he pay over $500,000 to her to account for back child support and cover their children's horseback lessons. The details of the case might be informative to couples and individuals in Texas. The former couple's twin daughters are accomplished horseback riders, and they are enrolled in some pricey lessons. Strahan's ex-wife claims to have paid $450,802 for the lessons since 2017, and she is demanding half of that figure be reimbursed by Strahan.

Making custody transitions easier on children

Divorcing parents in Texas generally do all they can to make custody transitions as easy as possible on their kids. These moments can be emotionally traumatic for children who harbor hopes of a reconciliation. That's why it's important that parents are on the same page during pickups and drop-offs. These are also inappropriate times for parents to argue about money or other issues. Instead, parents should act calmly and cordially but stop short of faux displays of affection.

When parents paying child support face financial crisis

Parents in Texas want to provide for their children, and child support can be an important part of that picture. Child support payments help to make sure that children are able to maintain a decent lifestyle, and kids whose parents pay support are more likely to stay out of poverty. However, child support determinations are based on parental income. Parents can't pay more than they make, after all. Payments should reflect the income of the parents at the time the order was made, but parents' fortunes can change over time. In particular, parents who fall ill, develop a disability or lose their jobs may face severe financial hardship and be unable to pay their child support bills.

Challenges of paying child support

Many noncustodial parents in Texas may struggle to meet their child support obligations. While the terms "deadbeat dad" and "deadbeat mom" are often used to describe parents who do not pay their child support as ordered in court, they may not always be accurate. In many cases, parents may be struggling with overall financial problems and difficulties rather than seeking to avoid child support specifically. After all, people cannot discharge child support debt in bankruptcy, so the hefty support bills may remain even for people who lose almost everything due to a financial crisis.

The traits that good parents possess

Children tend to do better after a divorce when their parents get along. When this is the case, they tend to agree about issues such as where a child will go to school or where the child will receive medical treatment. While they are as flexible as possible about parenting time, parents who work well together generally stick to a set schedule. This is ideal because it can minimize conflict and create a sense of stability for the child.