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June 2019 Archives

Factors used in creating parenting plans after a divorce

Determining who gets custody, also called "possession," of a child can be a contentious issue during a divorce in Texas or anywhere else. While the parents may be able to work out a parenting plan on their own, a judge may need to make a final ruling. The ruling is based on what is determined to be in the best interest of the children. There are many different factors that could be used when deciding what benefits the child the most.

Child support guidelines are not created equal

In the state of Texas, an individual can expect to pay up to $880 a month in child support. The amount that a specific parent will pay depends on a variety of factors including his or her ability to pay. When developing a child support order, a court wants to balance a child's needs with a parent's ability to make payments. In many states, the income of both the mother and the father are factors when determining a monthly payment.

The importance of being assertive during a divorce

To reduce some of the stress in the divorce process, some Texas couples compromise as they work through issues around property division and spousal and child support. While it's a good idea to avoid deliberately putting up roadblocks to a friendly resolution, people should also make sure that they still protect themselves financially along the way.

What business owners should consider during a divorce

Business owners in Texas and throughout the country may derive a significant amount of income from their companies. Therefore, it is important that the business is valued properly in a divorce. It is also important to ensure that business assets are divided in a manner that allows the company to run efficiently both now and into the future. To determine a company's value, an appraiser should be given access to relevant records and other information.

How co-parenting can change in the teen years

Even for estranged Texas couples who have successfully co-parented for years after a divorce, new challenges may come along once their children are teenagers. It is important that parents do not relax their communication with one another or with their child at this time even as their teen becomes more mature and takes on more responsibilities.

Making a plan for summer co-parenting

Parents in Texas who decide to divorce can face some unique challenges in the summer as they develop their co-parenting relationship. The busy schedule of school and extracurricular activities can help to keep kids' lives relatively consistent, even as they move back and forth between their parents' homes. However, while summertime can be a period for additional fun and adventure, it can also be a period of changes for parents and their children. There are some things that divorced parents can keep in mind to help their summers remain positive and enjoyable experiences for the kids.