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Alimony, child support requests filed in Wendy Williams divorce

Texas fans of TV host Wendy Williams may be aware that she is involved in a contentious divorce with her husband, Kevin Hunter, after 21 years of marriage. Williams filed for divorce in April 2019.

While it is not known what led to the breakup of the marriage, sources have pointed to a number of factors. Allegedly, Hunter was emotionally and physically abusive. It was also reported that in April, a woman he was allegedly in a relationship with gave birth to a daughter. Williams filed for divorce several days later. Sources say that Williams was driven to a substance abuse relapse by the situation.

Hunter was a producer on her show and her manager although Williams fired him from both positions after the divorce filing. Reportedly, she sought an amicable divorce and paid him $10 million with that aim in mind. Hunter has responded by filing for alimony and child support. Their son is 18, but Hunter is allegedly asking Williams to pay for his college costs.

Generally, child support is only paid until a child turns 18 unless the child has special needs. Parents do sometimes make other arrangements to support the child, usually until the age of 21. Similarly, parents cannot be legally compelled to pay for a child's college education although parents do sometimes include an agreement about how to handle education expenses in their divorce agreement.

Alimony is generally paid from a higher-earning spouse to a lower-earning spouse. Sometimes, the higher-earning spouse may offer a larger share of the assets in lieu of ongoing alimony or to keep alimony payments lower. Paying Hunter $10 million may have been done with this intention although he might also have a claim on a share of the assets that Williams owns.

Source: Madamenoire, "Kevin Hunter Wants Alimony & Child Support From Wendy Williams," Charise Frazier, 5/6/2019

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