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May 2019 Archives

Co-parenting with teens

Parenting a teen can be challenging under any circumstances. However, Texas parents who are divorced may have to adapt to a number of changes. As teens are testing their new independence, exes who have been co-parenting for a long time may feel that they can finally ease up, but this is not the time for too much freedom. Failing to communicate effectively is one of the mistakes divorced parents make when co-parenting teens.

How to deal with a jointly-owned business during divorce

Divorce can bring about a variety of issues for a Texas couple. One of the factors that might deeply impact each spouse's post-divorce life is how assets are divided and handled. If the couple owns a business together, the property division process will be that much more important.

The various rights given to divorced parents

Most Texas parents who are divorced still have rights to their children. In some cases, one parent will be given sole legal or physical possession while the other is given access rights. However, it's also possible that parents will share possession in an effort to protect the child's best interests. Legal possession allows a parent to make important decisions, such as what religion a son or daughter is exposed to.

Qualifying for a home loan with child support debt

Owing back child support may affect the ability of a person in Texas to get a mortgage but will not necessarily do so. A parent who has fallen behind in child support payments may be unable to get certain types of government loans, such as those associated with the VA or FHA. A 2016 audit found that applicants sometimes slipped through the cracks and were erroneously given loans, but there are other opportunities for financing that do not consider a child support delinquency disqualifying.

Child support agreements could help secure food-related benefits

Parents ending a marriage in Texas and other parts of the country sometimes have difficulty securing assistance they may need to purchase food. This is why the U.S. Department of Agriculture is encouraging states to use child support cooperation requirements as an additional tool to help single spouses with children secure the support they need.

Types of insurance that could be affected by divorce

Texas couples untying the knot typically go through a series of emotional, logistical and financial adjustments, so it's easy to overlook things like insurance policies that were created during a marriage. While all policies with a soon-to-be-ex should be reviewed and appropriately adjusted, health insurance and life insurance are the types of coverage that tend to be affected most by divorce.

How judges create alimony and child support orders

After a divorce, an ex-spouse may be ordered to meet child or spousal support obligations. There are many factors that a Texas judge will consider when determining the amount of the payments. For instance, a judge could look at how much money the noncustodial parent should be making and compare it to what they are actually making. This is more likely to occur in situations where individuals take menial jobs to artificially reduce their income.