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Custody disputes can harm children

Helicopter parenting can be a side effect of custody disputes in Texas and throughout the country. This can occur because courts tend to take into account how involved a parent is in a child's life when making a custody determination. Therefore, parents have an incentive to micromanage a child's schedule or how closely they oversee their child's activities. When children are treated in this manner, they tend to become anxious and lose the ability to learn coping skills.

It should be noted that by awarding 50/50 custody, parents may be less likely to be as intense in their parenting style. While some people may be controlling by nature, awarding joint custody as a default option takes away the reward for being a helicopter parent. Of course, courts can only make rulings based on things that they can objectively measure.

These factors include whether the parent is making the most of his or her parenting time and if the child's needs are being met. Courts also look at whether each parent is showing up when it is time to exchange the child or if the child is receiving proper medical and other forms of care. If issues arise, a court can order that a parent stop being so controlling. Therefore, parents may benefit in some cases by taking a relatively hands-off approach to how their child is raised.

The best interests of the child will generally determine who gets custody of a son or daughter. Generally, each parent will have an opportunity to play a role in a child's life. If a parent believes that the other is not treating the child properly, it may be possible to bring that to a judge's attention. Ideally, a parent will document each instance of child abuse or neglect.

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