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The process of obtaining back child support

Noncustodial parents in Texas are expected to pay child support as ordered. However, this doesn't always happen. In some cases, parents even move to a different state to avoid providing for their child financially. Custodial parents may be able to go to either a state or federal court to seek the money that they are owed. The type of venue that they go to depends on the facts of the case.

For example, a parent may need to go to federal court if a balance is at or over $5,000 and is a year or more past due. It may also be necessary to go to federal court if a noncustodial parent has attempted to move to a different state or if parents don't live in the same state. If a case is brought before a federal judge, he or she will check to see if other options are available at the state level.

Parents will need to show that they are owed support and that an effort was made to collect it. They will also need to show that a noncustodial father knew about his paternity and obligation to provide financial support. This is generally true regardless of which type of court a parent chooses to seek past due support from.

The task of raising a child does not end when parents get divorced. Regardless of how well each parent gets along with each other, they must still be there emotionally and financially for a son or daughter. The courts take this obligation seriously and have many mechanisms in place to ensure that support is provided. An attorney may help a parent take the necessary steps to receive back support owed at the state or federal level.

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