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Why shared custody is best for children

Parents in Texas who are going through a divorce are concerned about the way it will impact their children. Mothers are often advised to seek sole custody of their children, even when fathers want to be a part of their children's lives. This advice is often thought to be in the best interests of the child.

Arguments have been made in the past that when children, especially young children, spend time away from their mother and in the care about their father overnight, it can lead to behavioral and emotional challenges. This has led mothers to seek sole custody of their children despite the father opposing it. Modern studies have shown that shared parenting versus sole child custody produces better results for the children.

Evidence shows that when children grow up in joint custody or shared parenting families, they do better than children who grow up in sole custody arrangements. Of course, this does not include being in the custody of a parent who is abusive or neglectful. The old ideas of favoring a mother having sole custody are not consistent with modern research on child development. Even infants and toddlers benefit from being under consistent care from a mother and a father.

Children in shared custody arrangements have better emotional and physical health. They perform better academically, have better relationships with others, and have overall higher satisfaction in life. These children are less likely to have behavioral challenges, including bullying, drugs, delinquency, and misbehavior.

In a case where a parent is fighting for sole custody, a family law attorney may represent their client in court and show why it is in the best interests of the child to have the parent involved in their life. An attorney might also draw up visitation schedules and provide advice on practical matters during a divorce proceeding.

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