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Co-parenting tips following a divorce

During or after a divorce in Texas, learning how to co-parent the children can be a difficult process. However, even if the divorce itself was difficult, parents can help make the transition from one family to two easier for their children by learning to work together to co-parent properly.

When sharing the kids, one of the most important things divorcing parents can do is to keep the rules the same for both households. The kids may find the transition easier if they know what to expect in each household, especially if the kids are younger. Further, having an annual calendar that plans where the kids will be on any given day, including holidays, can prevent confusion. It is recommended that this calendar be available in both parents' homes.

If the divorce was contentious or the parents no longer get along with one another, it can be beneficial for them to limit their communications to emails or to online co-parenting websites. Certain online co-parenting sites record the conversations if they need to be used if issues arise later on. Finally, parents should remember that the kids look up to them. As such, parents should act like adults, especially when both parents need to be in the same place at the same time.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the children when parents divorce or split up is incredibly important for all parties involved. However, there are some former couples who try to use the children as weapons when the relationship falls apart. A family law attorney might help a parent protect his or her parental rights during a difficult divorce. If the parent is seeking sole custody because the other parent is not able to properly care for the kids, the attorney may be able to assist with providing evidence that sole physical and legal custody would be in the best interests of the kids.

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