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March 2018 Archives

Payroll deductions critical in child support enforcement

Child support is determined in the best interests of the child, and in many cases in Texas, those funds may be necessary in order to cover the everyday expenses of the children's lives. Nevertheless, far too many separated families struggle with delinquent payments or the failure to pay mandated child support. At state and federal levels, unpaid child support has been identified as a major priority, due to the harms that a lack of sufficient support can cause to children. In many cases, this means that child support enforcement involves securing payments through wage garnishment or payroll deductions at the workplace.

The difference in child custody and visitation

Parents in Texas who are getting a divorce might wonder about the different arrangements for child custody and visitation. Although they are often lumped together, child custody and visitation are not the exact same thing. Child custody refers to who the child lives with while visitation refers to a parent's right to spend time with but not live with the child.

Addressing an unfair child support order

While every parent in Texas and elsewhere has an obligation to support his or her child, sometimes the child support orders that are issued by a court can seem unfair and unreasonable. This can be particularly true when circumstances have changed following the initial court order, which means that the child support amount being used has a far different impact on the parent than it did when it was made. In other cases, the child's living situation may change, and the parent with more physical custody is continuing to pay most of the child support.

TV personality gets prison time for not paying child support

Texas residents may know Stevie J from his time on the show "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta." However, he is now in the news for failing to pay child support. In February 2017, he plead guilty to not paying over $1.3 million and was sentenced to three years on probation or however long it took to pay half of that amount.

Retirement accounts often divided in divorce

For people in Texas considering a divorce, the financial aspects of the end of a marriage can be complex and challenging. Retirement funds are often some of the largest and most important assets of a couple divided in a divorce settlement, and given the importance of these funds to the financial future of the spouses, they require additional attention. Different types of accounts can be governed by varying rules for division in divorce.

Convenient options to make child support payments on time

When Texas residents owe child support, they need to be sure that they make their payments in full and by the date specified in the divorce decree. They also need to make sure that they have a record of each payment made. Therefore, it may be best to make payments by money order or by check. This is because it is easy to retain copies of either a money order or a check to prove a payment was made.

Reasons to keep some property separate in a divorce

Couples in Texas might want to consider creating prenuptial agreements or taking other steps to protect their finances in case of divorce. While some people might think these agreements suggest they are not taking the marriage seriously, they could actually provide valuable security.