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State and federal cooperation for child support enforcement

A large part of the current president's financial agenda is to make drastic reductions in federal spending and pass down control to the Texas state level in most areas of government. However, the Child Support Technology Fund may be one program that shifts control to the federal government.

The Department of Health and Human Services and the White House have requested $63 million in the next fiscal year to help fund a program in which new technology would be used to better enforce and monitor child support account and payments. Once the new system is created, the federal government would allow states to have access to the system. Health and Human Services would no longer have to fund programs that the states try to run on their own.

Analysts of the financial aspect of the fund believe that this modernized system will save the government $800 million over the next 10 years. With the current system, the federal government has paid over $1 billion in reimbursements for state-run child support enforcement programs over the last five years.

The development of child support collection procedures at state level has proven difficult over the past two decades. Some of the biggest concerns by government officials are that many improvements were based on antiquated technology. The 2017 budget does not specify when the new system would be available to state governments. Additionally, no plans have been made to determine who would be responsible for maintenance, costs and upkeep of the system once in place.

For those who are involved in child support disputes, it is evident the federal and state governments are making great efforts to hold parents accountable for delinquency. However, child support cases have proven to be very complex in nature; it may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney to help take some of the burden and stress out of the process.

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