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February 2018 Archives

How a father can get custody of his children

When Texas fathers get a divorce, they might want physical custody of their children. Traditionally, courts have assumed that mothers would be the best parent for the children, and fathers seeking custody may feel they have a disadvantage. However, fathers might increase their likelihood of getting it by taking a few steps.

Child support warrants in Texas

Parents who are in arrears on child support payments may face one of the more extreme collection methods in the court system. The method is called a child support warrant. Because courts treat child support as a priority over other debts, criminal sanctions can be used.

Child support delinquency rates continue to rise

Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that less than half of the parents in Texas and around the country who have been awarded child support received the full amount due in 2015. Even more alarming was the disclosure that almost a third of custodial parents received no money at all. The number of deadbeat parents in the United States has been growing steadily for several years, but the 2015 figures show that child support delinquency rates have now reached levels not seen since 1993.

State and federal cooperation for child support enforcement

A large part of the current president's financial agenda is to make drastic reductions in federal spending and pass down control to the Texas state level in most areas of government. However, the Child Support Technology Fund may be one program that shifts control to the federal government.

HHS to set up central child monitoring system

Monitoring and collecting unpaid child support has been a persistent problem for lawmakers in Texas and around the country. The Family Support Act, which was passed by Congress in 1995, requires states to set up child support enforcement and collection systems, but efforts to comply have been stymied in many parts of the country by technology issues and budgetary constraints. However, the 2019 budget proposal from the Trump administration contains a proposal that seeks to tackle the issue by setting up a new fund.

Residency decisions are key to the divorce process

One of the first issues that Texas couples going through a marital split must face involves where to live during and after the divorce. Unfortunately, the timing usually coincides with the most emotionally turbulent period of marital dissolution. Judgment can be impaired by emotions and other distractions accompanying such a major life change. Divorcees must weigh logistical, emotional, and financial implications in order to make the best arrangements for themselves and their children.

Does your custody order need a second look?

Since your divorce was finalized, you may have had many moments when you grew frustrated with your ex, especially concerning child custody arrangements. Perhaps your former spouse has disappointed the children on more than one occasion, or you don't want the children around his or her new romantic partner. Maybe the children are growing older, and their new schedules and interests make it difficult to maintain the court-ordered custody arrangement.

Emotions trouble young divorcees more than financial hurdles

Although divorce at any age presents people in Texas with difficult feelings, younger divorcees report less social support from their peers when their marriages end. With the age of first marriage rising, people who divorce in their 20s typically do not have any friends who have been through the experience. Most of their friends have not been married yet, and young divorcees feel uncomfortable discussing their divorces so soon after celebrating their weddings. Despite the emotional difficulties, young people typically avoid the complexities of property division that stress so many of their older counterparts facing divorce.

Actor Jesse Williams ordered to pay more in support

Texas fans of the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" might be aware that one of its actors, Jesse Williams, has been going through a divorce. In January, a judge ordered an increase in the amount of child and spousal support paid by Williams. He was paying $33,242 monthly in support, and his payments will go up to over $50,000 each month.

The basics of child custody

There are two main ways in which a Texas parent can have custody of a child. The term legal custody refers to a parent who is responsible for making decisions related to a child's health, education and welfare. If a parent has physical custody of a child, then the child lives with that parent.