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October 2017 Archives

Family courts and the "primary caretaker" standard

Child custody can be one of the thorniest and most emotional issues to handle when Texas couples decide to divorce. Both parents have an equal right to seek and obtain physical custody of their child, and most family law courts prefer agreements developed by the parents themselves with their lawyers. However, in more contentious cases, a family court judge makes a decision about who will get primary physical custody. In these situations, the parent that is determined to have been the child's "primary caretaker" may be awarded custody.

Ex-wife claims Dean McDermott refuses to pay child support

Many Texas parents may have trouble affording to care for their children when the other parent suddenly stops paying child support. Even those who have celebrity status or who have ex-spouses who are celebrities can have trouble with nonpayments. For example, Dean McDermott's ex-wife reportedly went back to court after she alleged that he stopped making child support payments.

Woman sues Miguel Cabrera for more child support

Texas baseball fans might be interested in learning that Detroit Tiger star Miguel Cabrera has been sued by a woman in Florida for reportedly reducing child support payments he has been paying to her. Cabrera has been married since 2002 and has three children with his wife.

Dividing assets in a community property state

In a community property state like Texas, during a divorce, property acquired after marriage is usually considered shared property and will be divided 50/50. A woman who was getting a divorce in California, also a community property state, was concerned about her 401(k) and her home since her husband said he wanted half the 401(k) and the home. For about a decade, the woman had been the main breadwinner.

Concealing assets before filing for divorce

Family law judges in community property states like Texas will generally divide marital assets equally in divorce cases even if the couples involved have only been married for a short time. This sometimes seems unreasonable or unfair, and it is not uncommon for spouses in these states to begin moving or hiding assets prior to filing for divorce. Spouses may be wise to prepare themselves for the possibility of divorce papers when their husbands or wives start to behave elusively or covertly, but there are steps that they can take to protect themselves and avoid drawn out legal battles.

Audrina Patridge given custody of 15-month-old daughter

Texas parents who are seeking sole possession of their children may be interested to learn that on Oct. 6, actress Audrina Patridge was granted full custody of her 15-month-old daughter. The 32-year-old actress was married to her husband for 10 months before filing for divorce.

Financial planning before reaching a support agreement

When it comes to finances post-divorce, alimony and child support could have a big impact on the financial health of Texas residents. Even before reaching a support agreement, people who are divorcing need to consider how paying and receiving alimony and child support will affect them, including their taxes.

Covering every aspect of child custody when school is a factor

No matter how you look at it, change is a part of everyday life, and some changes are easier to foresee, while others may be of a more sudden nature. If you and your spouse have recently made the decision to part ways, chances are, everyone involved will experience some form of change.