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July 2017 Archives

Planning for a post-divorce retirement

When Texas couples decide to get divorced, one of the first questions they must tackle is property division. Shared property might include family homes, investments and other assets they have acquired during their marriage. The division process may involve negotiating retirement plans and other investments the couple made while they were married.

Financial hardship could justify a child support modification

An existing court order for child support is not necessarily set in stone. A Texas parent experiencing a problem that alters the ability to earn income could request a change in the amount of payments. The court might approve a modification when informed of job losses, medical problems or other financial setbacks.

Parents can collaborate on a custody agreement

Divorce can be a time of very high emotions and tensions, and for many Texas couples with children, the animosity can extend to custody and support. However, parents do have options for resolving custody issues together, without ending up in a drawn-out, potentially expensive, and often more hurtful courtroom battle.

The possible dangers of custody exchanges

Texas parents who are no longer in a relationship know that their children remain a connection between them. After negotiating custody and support, parents still need to continue navigating the raising of the children. This includes regular exchanges when children go from the physical custody of a parent to another.

When is an uncontested divorce the right choice for your family?

Every divorce is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for issues regarding child custody, visitation, property division and more. For this reason, Texas couples seeking to end their marriages may look for a better way to divorce other than the traditional, often contentious, contested divorce. For some, an uncontested divorce is the optimal way to end a marriage. 

Survey shows shift in fathers' attitudes over decades

Texas fathers may spend more time with their children and consider parenting more central to their identity than fathers in previous decades, but they are still not spending as much time on child care as mothers. Almost twice as many fathers as mothers say they do not spend enough time with their children. These were among the findings nationwide of a Pew Research Center survey from 2015.

Child custody for children of deported parents

Texas parents who are undocumented or who know someone with an undocumented immigration status may already be aware of some lawyers' volunteer efforts to help immigrants with children. Throughout the country, some attorneys and law students are volunteering to help immigrants without documentation to prepare the documents they need to transfer custody of their children to trusted individuals in the event that they are deported.