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Points to consider before getting a divorce

A spouse in Texas who is considering a divorce may want to ask themselves a number of questions before starting the separation process. The answers might persuade them to remain in the marriage, but even if they do not, these points can give the person a clearer idea of how to move forward with the divorce.

A spouse should make sure they have clearly expressed their discontent in the relationship. People often ignore the things that are said to them. Couples might also want to discuss what their expectations are for one another in the relationship. An exercise in which both people write down what each of them needs to do to save the marriage might help both better understand the other's point of view.

Another consideration is whether being without the other partner would make a person happier. Other considerations might include whether the two people still love one another, what each fears about the end of the relationship and whether either person's self-image is tied up in the idea of a successful marriage.

If children are involved, the decision may become even more difficult. Parents should think about how they will co-parent. They should also consider the financial impact of divorce and the day-to-day tasks they will be responsible for. Finally, understanding why the relationship ended might help prevent spouses from making the same mistakes again.

If a person still wants to get a divorce after answering these questions, the next step may be visiting an attorney. The attorney might be able to help a client understand how the divorce could play out financially and in terms of child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support. In a high-asset divorce, property division may be particularly complex. Texas is a community property state, so most assets acquired after the marriage will be considered marital property.

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