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Vacations and child custody disputes

Divorced Texas parents who share custody of their children may find that arranging vacations, such as spring break for school, can present complications. For those who agree on custody terms during vacation that are at odds with the terms of a custody order, they should make sure that they are able to verify the agreement if asked. If a child custody order does not specify how vacations should be handled and a dispute arises, it may be necessary to go to court to resolve the issue. Either way, estranged parents can benefit from learning how to avoid custody disputes regarding vacations.

Vacations should be planned well in advance and discussed with the other parent. This provides enough time for any disagreements to be addressed and resolved and for schedules to be rearranged, if necessary. If the vacation plans deviate from the custody order, it is necessary to have a written record showing that both parents agreed with the arrangements.

As the vacation time approaches, written reminders should be sent to the other parent to avoid unexpected last minute issues that can interfere with the trip. The written reminders can also be useful as evidence if the matter has to be taken to court. To avoid complications with vacation planning, parents can ask the court that the current child custody order be modified. The courts can divide a child's vacation time between the parents or instructions for how to deviate from the current vacation schedule in an order can be included.

A family law attorney may help a parent obtain favorable child custody terms that are also in the best interest of the child. A petition may be submitted to have an existing custody order modified so that disputes about vacations can be avoided.

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