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Assets can be complex, but life after divorce doesn't have to be

Many individuals work hard to obtain a vast amount of property and assets throughout the course of their lives. You might have invested a sizable portion of your wealth into a pension or trust, seeking to prepare for what the future may hold. However, perhaps you are currently in the middle of a divorce, and wish to know the potential impact this stressful event might have on your financial future.

The division of complex assets, such as investments and pensions, can be crucial toward achieving an adequate divorce settlement. You will likely find it beneficial to take certain measures ahead of time to avoid letting unforeseen consequences catch you off-guard.

Preparing for the financial side of divorce

The financial side of divorce can have a significant impact on your future. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take before entering proceedings that can assist you in obtaining a fair and equitable portion, such as:

  • Form a plan:  Entering this process with a plan can significantly increase your odds of obtaining a more favorable outcome. Certain assets may be extremely important to you, while others may carry less weight.
  • Identify assets:  Identifying and obtaining documentation of every asset will likely be a crucial step for you, especially concerning complex assets. Important assets to document can include wills, trusts, banking information and brokerage statements.
  • Identify debts:  Uncovering potentially hidden debts can make a significant difference concerning the outcome of a divorce. If you search diligently, you might be able to avoid being blindsided by responsibility for any debts of which you were previously unaware.
  • List valuables:  You might also want to identify household items, such as jewelry or art, which are often invaluable but sometimes overlooked. In some cases, a spouse may attempt to hide household items, so keeping track of them is likely advisable.
  • Miscellaneous:  Although sometimes overlooked, considering the ramifications of taxes and health insurance following a divorce is probably an excellent idea.

Who can help me navigate the process?

With a myriad of crucial aspects and potential consequences of ending your marriage, you might be feeling somewhat stressed out and overwhelmed. You probably wish to protect your financial future; however, you may be uncertain of how to proceed. You could speak with a family law attorney for guidance throughout this grueling process. An attorney in Texas can assist you in covering every aspect of the division of marital property, which could help you ensure a smooth financial transition into the future.

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