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Father seeks custody after children sent to juvenile detention

Texas residents may have heard about an unusual child custody case in Michigan in which a judge sent three siblings to juvenile detention for refusing to visit their father. The judge has now agreed to transfer the children to summer camp, and their father is seeking full legal and physical custody of them.

According to the child custody petition that was filed by the father on July 15, the mother has constantly sought to prevent him from maintaining a relationship with his children. The father also claims that the mother is not a fit parent and should only be allowed to have supervised visitation of her children. He has requested that the mother be psychologically evaluated.

The family in this case originally lived in Israel before the mother moved to Michigan with her children in 2009. The father moved to the U.S. at the beginning of 2015, and he says that he has continuously tried to have a relationship with his children. Though the father claims that the mother is mentally unfit to parent, the mother previously accused the father of child abuse. In response to the judge's decision to send her children to juvenile detention, the mother said that she didn't think her children should have been punished.

When two divorced parents are not on good terms with each other, child custody cases can become very complicated. A parent who is going through a difficult child custody dispute may want to have a family law attorney to provide representation at court hearings.

Source: Yahoo! Parenting, "Dad Battling for Custody of Kids Who Were Locked Up for Refusing to See Him," Beth Greenfield, July 17, 2015

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