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A look at child support issues for a child's medical expenses

Texas parents who rely on child support may be interested in some information regarding medical expenses. Depending on the circumstances, these may be included in the support obligations.

When a person is responsible for paying child support to the child's other parent, they may incur other responsibilities beyond the set support amount each month. One of these obligations is payment for a portion or all of the child's uninsured or extraordinary medical needs. These are expenses that are not covered by insurance to care for the child's medical needs, such as copays and prescription medication fees. The amount that each parent will need to pay for these expenses usually depends on state law and the terms of the child support order itself.

In general, there are some issues regarding these payments that the payee parent should know about. First, in order to make the expense valid, proper notice must be given to the parent expected to pay. This is usually measured by a particular time period after the payee makes the expense. Another issue is making sure that the procedure itself is reasonably necessary, particularly when the parents disagree over it. If there is a dispute, a court will have to make a determination on the reasonableness of the expense. Lastly, there may be procedural issues regarding who the payment is to be sent to. Depending on the state rules, this could be either the payee parent or the medical facility itself.

In cases where there have been delinquent payments, an attorney may be able to help. The attorney might be useful in bringing legal action against the parent with the responsibility of paying child support. The attorney may also be able to help with other child support dispute issues.

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