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Helping you to secure temporary orders during a divorce

Many people in Texas do not understand the importance of putting temporary orders in place during a divorce. While a divorce is still pending, temporary orders help to ensure that a stable environment is maintained for the whole family while issues are being resolved.

Our firm can help you to secure temporary orders during your divorce so that you can be in a better position to achieve your goals during the proceedings. Some of the most common temporary orders that are used during divorce concern child custody and visitation issues. Even if one spouse has left the marital home, a temporary order for visitation could help to ensure that both spouses continue to see their children before the divorce is finalized.

Financial issues can also be handled through temporary orders. If you are worried about your spouse's spending habits, for instance, a temporary financial order could be used to ensure that your spouse is legally barred from draining all of the marital assets. Specific high-value assets may also be protected with a temporary injunction. In some divorces, a temporary order for spousal support may be used to ensure that the lower earning spouse is able to cover their personal expenses.

If you need an advocate during your divorce proceedings, our firm may be prepared to help you achieve a positive outcome in your divorce. While helping you to secure temporary orders in the beginning stages, we will work to ensure that the temporary orders set a good precedent for achieving a positive outcome in your final divorce settlement. Take a moment to visit our page on temporary orders to learn more.

Source: Mark Childress, PC, "Temporary Orders", December 02, 2014

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