Police, Fire & Service Member Possession

Police officers, firefighters and military members provide a tremendous service to our society, which could not function as we know it without their sacrifices. Unfortunately, their often unpredictable schedules can make it difficult to reach agreement on a child custody or visitation arrangement.

At the Law Office of Mark M. Childress, PLLC., in Fort Worth, we believe that these parents should not be punished for what they do for a living. We provide strong advocacy to police officers, firefighters and service members, focusing on achieving solutions that allow them to fully exercise their visitation, possession and access rights.

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You Have The Right To See Your Child

As long as you are a fit parent who is not placing your child in danger of physical or emotional harm, you have the right to visitation and access. Your nontraditional hours or the on-call nature of your profession does not make you unfit.

We strive to maximize the time you have with your child and guarantee visitation and access through a standard or deviated schedule. Our ability to negotiate and construct creative parenting plans is our strong suit. Beyond what we are able to do for our clients in these situations, cooperation between parents is another key to making a challenging situation work.

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Custody and visitation for police officers, firefighters and military service members in Texas can be a very complex issue. We are prepared to walk you through your rights and all of your options for protecting your rights. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation. with a lawyer.