Temporary Orders

Divorce is often discussed in the context of the need for a divorce or how to resolve issues in a way that leads to a successful post-divorce situation. It is rare to hear people focusing on what happens during the divorce.

How will custody issues be handled once a spouse leaves the marital home? Will anything be done to preserve the marital property during the course of the divorce? These are important questions that a knowledgeable family law attorney can answer for you.

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The Importance Of Temporary Orders

Temporary orders are a required part of any divorce. They are designed to maintain the status quo as much as possible, to preserve a stable environment while resolving the issues in the divorce. Some of the most common orders are temporary financial orders, to make sure a spouse cannot run up debt or otherwise spend all of the money, and temporary visitation, possession and access orders to ensure that parents maintain access to their children.

Depending on your specific situation and the needs of the parties involved in the divorce, temporary orders may be put in place to handle additional issues such as:

  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Dwelling rights (who gets to live in the marital home)
  • Preservation of insurance coverage
  • Vehicle rights (who gets to drive the primary family car)
  • Injunctions to protect specific assets

Our firm will be your strongest advocate as you look to protect your rights during the divorce process. In addition to making sure you are protected by temporary orders, we will pursue a final divorce decree that sets you up for a successful future.

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