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While a divorce case or family law dispute progresses, the court might use temporary orders to maintain the status quo of your day-to-day family life in the meantime. Other temporary orders can be issued to protect someone from an alleged domestic abuser. In either situation, it can’t be overstated how important it is for you to understand and comply with any temporary order that affects you.

At Law Offices of Mark M. Childress, our Southlake temporary orders lawyers are here to help you understand, use, and comply with all sorts of temporary orders. As talented family lawyers and divorce attorneys, we have stood by our clients in the most difficult and complicated temporary order cases. Let us stand up for you, too, so you can feel less stressed about what the future may hold for you and your family.

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Types of Temporary Orders

As the name states, temporary orders can be used to temporarily solve problems and set arrangements. A court can use a variety of these types of orders, based on the needs of a specific case.

Some of the more common types of temporary orders in family law-related cases are:

  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Dwelling rights (who gets to live in the marital home)
  • Preservation of insurance coverage
  • Vehicle rights (who gets to drive the primary family car)
  • Injunctions to protect specific assets
  • Restraining orders

Our Southlake temporary order attorneys can help you with any type of temporary order involved in your case or situation. We are well-versed in all the surrounding details, so you don’t need to worry about anything unusual or rare throwing our team off.

Duration of Temporary Court Orders

A typical temporary order or TRO will last 14 days or two weeks. However, it can also end as soon as there is a temporary order hearing about its stipulations, which can sometimes be the next day after the order is first created. During the hearing, the court will decide if the temporary order should be ended or modified, or if a permanent order should be instated instead.

Enforcing Temporary Orders

A temporary order does not mean much if all parties involved do not comply with its requirements and mandates. If your ex-spouse or another party is ignoring a temporary or permanent court order, then you can call (817) 497-8148 to get professional help enforcing it.

Two primary ways to enforce a court order in Texas are:

  • File a motion: Our attorneys can prepare and file a Motion to Enforce in court on your behalf. The motion will ask the court to hold the other party in contempt of court and find an acceptable remedy to compel them to comply. For example, the court might use fines, license revocation, or even jail time to enforce a temporary or permanent order.
  • Call the police: If a domestic violence abuser is violating a restraining order, and you are afraid that they mean you harm, then you should call the police for immediate assistance. You can also notify the authorities if your ex-spouse is violating a custody order and you worry that they might be taking unlawful custody of your children, such as crossing state borders with them without your permission.

What Factors Do Courts Consider When Issuing a Temporary Order?

During a temporary order hearing, the judge will decide if the order should be approved and what details it should include. You will have a chance to argue why the order should be enforced or why it shouldn’t be, based on your stance on the situation. You can even bring witnesses and evidence that can help your argument, which is something that you should leave up to our legal team. Ultimately, though, the final decision comes down to the court, which will be based on several factors and the judge’s discretion.

Factors that a judge might consider when allowing or blocking a temporary order could include:

  • Possible alternatives to use instead.
  • How much the order will limit one party.
  • How the order will affect any children.
  • If any party’s criminal history is relevant.

Can Temporary Orders Be Modified?

Although temporary orders are meant to just be temporary, they can still cause undue harm to your well-being and family life if they aren’t made or enforced fairly. If circumstances are unbearable or unjustified due to a temporary order, then we might be able to file a Motion to Modify Temporary Orders on your behalf. This motion is used to modify or even lift temporary orders before they expire or before an original hearing was planned.

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A temporary order can be incredibly useful for keeping everyone comfortable and stable while a family law case progresses, and it can even keep people safe from future abuses. Make sure that the temporary orders for your case are made fairly and enforced correctly by teaming up with Law Offices of Mark M. Childress in Southlake. We are here to stand up for your best interests and those of your children!

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