The Dos and Don’ts of Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

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Co-parenting is one of the most difficult things you and your ex will encounter following a divorce or separation. Many factors determine who gets custody, but with visitation and decision-making, you must work with your child’s other parent to try and provide the best life possible for your child.

Co-parenting with a narcissistic parent, however, can be very difficult. So you have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do when co-parenting with a narcissistic parent, we provide a list of dos and don’ts.

What You Should Do

  • If you’re the custodial parent, make sure to set strict boundaries with your ex to keep everything in line.
  • Create a parenting schedule and abide by it every weekend.
  • Even if you disagree with your ex’s parenting styles, you can’t necessarily control them, and you should avoid conflict because of it.
  • Limit communication outside of what’s necessary. If it’s not an essential conversation, you don’t need to have it.
  • Make sure you communicate and are honest with your child regarding your familial situation.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t argue with your ex about anything, especially when it comes to parenting and styles. It’s best to keep an open dialogue, only when necessary.
  • Don’t engage with your ex in an emotional manner.
  • Don’t allow your ex to place blame on you for anything, and don’t let them tell your child something is your fault.
  • Don’t talk down about your ex to your kids. You don’t want to try and change their feelings to match yours as your ex is still their parent.

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